• Financing and Lien Priority Disputes
  • Investor Disputes
  • Purchase and Sale Disputes
  • Representation of Landlords and Tenants in Commercial Evictions and other Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Unsecured Debt Enforcement and Defense
  • Other Payment and Performance Disputes
  • Partner, Shareholder, and other Investor Disputes
  • Breach of Contract Litigation

The firm understands that while many matters may be resolved out of court, there are times when resorting to the courts is necessary and appropriate. Mr. Coughlin is an experienced and seasoned trial attorney, and the firm handles litigation both in federal and state courts, as well as private arbitration. We work with our clients to develop innovative approaches that untangle and resolve complex financial relationships. The firm handles all aspects of business and commercial litigation from the pre-filing investigation, commencement of the action, pre-judgment remedies, discovery, and ultimately trials and appeals. In that regard, and where appropriate, we work in a professional and coordinated fashion with experts in accounting, valuation, forensic investigation, and other fields to address issues that typically arise in business disputes. Mr. Coughlin has extensive experience in the most common business litigation controversies, such as resolving commercial disputes, resolving corporate and partnership disputes, enforcing or defending contract claims, obtaining injunctive relief, avoiding fraudulent transactions, collecting debts, securing declaratory relief, or resolving adverse claims to both real and personal property.